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Canon 02 Of The Presiding Bishop and the Council of Bishops

Section 1.
The Council of Bishops shall elect one of its number to be Presiding Bishop, who, when his election is confirmed by the next General Synod, shall be instituted in his office.

Section 2.
The Presiding Bishop shall preside over the Council of Bishops and take order for the consecration of bishops when duly elected. He shall perform such other duties prescribed for him by the Council of Bishops or by the canons of this Church.

Section 3.
All necessary expenses of the Presiding Bishop shall be provided for in the budget to be submitted by the Treasurer.

Section 4.
In the event of the disability of the Presiding Bishop, the Bishop who, according to Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution becomes its Presiding Officer, shall be substituted for the Presiding Bishop for all the purposes of these canons.

Section 5.
The term of office of the Presiding Bishop shall be six years. He may be re-elected for one additional three year term. The Presiding Bishop may resign his office with the consent of the majority of the Council of Bishops.

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