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Episcopal Missionary Church
Defend the Historic Faith
St. Michael's Angican Church
in Gallatin, Tennessee
has purchased a new building.

"The Shiloh Presbyterian Church, organized in 1793, now has a vibrant new life as St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, and the Presiding Bishop will dedicate the building to its new use and to serve again to the Glory of God and the building up of the Body of Christ on Trinity Sunday, May 31. The service begins at 10:30 a.m. CDT. 
The photo shown is from a few months back when the purchase was being negotiated. Fr. Pete Minton is the rector and his wife, Rosie, has been at his side as a true partner in ministry both as a Layman many years ago, and as a priest in every cure he has had. Their ministry extends far beyond Tennessee, but Gallatin is proud to claim them, as is every place where they have lived. "  
We direct you also to the website for more details about St.Michael's Anglican Church

Welcome to the EMC


2015 A.D... a time when people have one thing in common, they are seeking that which only the church can offer. Something they can’t find at a friend’s house, in a bar or even at a police station.

They are seeking the hiding place of David found in Psalm 32:7 which says, 

You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.


Historically, the red doors of a church have always been a symbol of sanctuary promising refuge to those in peril. The color red evokes the blood of Jesus Christ, which protects the soul of the wayfaring from spiritual harm. The red doors symbolize the blood of Christ, which is our entry into salvation. They also remind us of the blood of the martyrs, the seed of the church. The red cross on the Episcopal Missionary Church logo symbolizes the same.


Jesus Christ is our refuge. The Episcopal Missionary Church is a body of Anglican Churches where the doors of each parish community is a refuge for all those who enter through them. Each sanctuary is a holy place, there are no outcasts. Our door is open to all!


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