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What is the Episcopal Missionary Church?

Episcopal Missionary what?  O.K., so just what is The Episcopal Missionary Church anyway?  Maybe the best way to answer this question is word by word.  We are “Episcopal” because we are governed by our chief shepherd, the bishop.  The word bishop comes from the Greek word “episcopos” from which we get the word “episcopal”.  Not only do we have bishops, but in Episcopal Missionary Churches you will find priests and in many of our churches deacons.  This  threefold order of ministry has a rich history and dates back to New Testament times.

We are “Missionary” because that’s a big part of what being a Christian is.  In some cases it means going half way around the world to take the Gospel to a group of people who have never heard it and translate Bibles and Prayer Books into their language.  It can also mean staying right where you are, praying, giving and working to support those who have gone into the traditional mission field.  The word missionary can also mean sharing the love of Christ with your next door neighbor who has never been to your church or any church.  To us, “missionary” basically means reaching out to all those who are without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ whether they be across the street or across the world.

We are “Church” because we are a body of Christian believers who gather as one from differing backgrounds to form this part of the Family of God, the Body of Christ, The Church.  Members of The Episcopal Missionary Church come from many backgrounds and age groups but all worship and seek to grow in the same Lord Jesus.  We believe the Bible to be the Word of God, and when we come together as a worshipping body, as church, we worship together using the forms and prayers from a book called The Book of Common Prayer, 1928 Edition.  The Book  of Common Prayer provides us with both structure and liberation.  Much of that structure, the prayers, dates back to the early church, so we pray with Christians down through the centuries.  In the order of Holy Communion in the Book of Common Prayer we find both the extent of our sin and need of forgiveness as well as finding God’s plan of salvation made clear for us.  Is it any wonder that the traditional name of the Communion service is “Eucharist” which means “thanksgiving”.  

Now that you know a little more about us, we would love to have you come and join us as we give thanks for all for all  God’s blessings in our lives at an Episcopal Missionary Church near you.  If you’re still a doubter, come and ask us some more questions.  We welcome that.