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Canon 06 Of Councils of Advice

Section 1.
In every diocese there shall be a Council of Advice whose members shall be elected according to Diocesan Canons and whose operation shall be governed by its own rules. A meeting of the Council may be called either by the Bishop or by members of the Council; in the latter case, the Bishop shall be notified of the time and place of the meeting. At all meetings, all members of the Council shall have the right to voice and vote.

Section 2.
The duties of the Councils of Advice shall be enumerated in these canons and the canons of the several dioceses. A quorum is necessary to conduct any business.

Section 3.
Whenever a Diocesan Bishop becomes unable to function and is incapable of authorizing another to act as Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese, the Presiding Bishop. with the consent of the Council of Bishops, may authorize the Bishop Coadjutor, Bishop Suffragan or Council of Advice to act as the Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese until such time as the Presiding Bishop shall declare the said Bishop competent to resume his duties. The Council of Bishops shall determine what constitutes incapacity.