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Canon 17 Of Candidates for Holy Orders

Section 1.
Any postulant who has met the requirements of Canon 16, Section 5 may apply for admission as a candidate. The application shall be endorsed by the vestry and the Rector or Priest in Charge of the parish of which he is a member, and by two members of the Board of Examining Chaplains and the Council of Advice of the Diocese. If he is not a member of a parish of this Church, he shall be endorsed by two (2) priests and five (5) godly lay persons.

Section 2.
The Bishop shall require the applicant to submit a report from a licensed, practicing physician regarding the applicant's physical condition and a report from a licensed, practicing psychiatrist, or a qualified, practicing psychologist (and if the psychologist is not a priest, he must also be licensed) regarding his mental and emotional health.

Section 3.
The Bishop shall admit said person as a candidate within thirty days, except for weighty cause, and so note the same in the records of the diocese and advise the Board of Examining Chaplains. If said person is not admitted, he shall be notified within thirty days of the reason therefor.

Section 4.
Sections 3 and 4 of Canon 16 apply to the candidate also.

Section 5.
Before applying for ordination to the diaconate, the candidate must pass examinations in the following subjects:

  1. Holy Scripture: the Bible in English, its contents and historical background;
  2. Church History: a general outline;
  3. Anglican Church History;
  4. Doctrine; the Church's teaching set forth in the Creeds and the Offices of Instruction;
  5. Liturgics: The contents and use of the Book of Common Prayer;
  6. Practical Theology: The office and work of a deacon; the conduct of public worship; principles of sermon composition and delivery; principles and methods of Christian education in the parish; the missionary work of the Church; Constitution and Canons of the Church and the Diocese to which the candidate belongs; the use of the voice in reading and speaking.

Section 6.
The Bishop may remove any candidate for Holy Orders who fails to present himself for examination for deacon's Orders within three years, and shall note this action in the diocesan records.