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Canon 18 Of the Board of Examining Chaplains

Section 1.
In every diocese there shall be a Board of Examining Chaplains, consisting of at least two learned priests. Examining Chaplains shall be nominated by the Bishop at the annual Diocesan Convention, the nomination being confirmed by the vote of the Convention. Their term of office shall be fixed by diocesan canons. Should vacancies occur when the Convention is not in session, the Bishop shall nominate to the Council of Advice, upon whose confirmation the person or persons so nominated shall be added to the Board and shall serve until the next meeting of the Convention.

Section 2.
It shall be the duty of the Board of Examining Chaplains, under the guidance and oversight of the Bishop, to conduct the examinations of postulants and candidates prescribed in these canons. At least a part of these examinations shall be in writing. The examining chaplains, when so requested by the Bishop, shall give oversight to postulants, candidates and deacons, and shall advise them in regard to their studies and preparation.

Section 3.
The Board of Examining Chaplains shall report promptly, in writing, to the Bishop the results of each examination held by it, whether satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The Bishop shall transmit these reports to the Council of Advice, which shall not recommend a postulant for admission as candidate or recommend a candidate for ordination to the diaconate or priesthood, until it has received a report from the Board of Examining Chaplains that he has passed the required examinations.