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Canon 25 Of the Duties of Deacons

Section 1.

Every deacon shall be subject to the authority of the Bishop of the diocese for which he has been ordained. or, if there be no Bishop, to that of the clerical members of the Council of Advice. He shall officiate in such places only as such authority may designate. He shall not accept any appointment for work outside his proper diocese without the written consent both of his own Bishop and the Bishop in whose diocese he desires to minister.

Section 2.

No deacon shall be the Rector of a parish, nor may he accept a chaplaincy in the military service.

Section 3.

A deacon ministering in a parish shall act only under the direction of the parish priest, or the Bishop if there be no priest.

Section 4.

A deacon ministering in a parish not under the charge of a priest shall, if not under the immediate direction of the Bishop, be placed under the authority of some neighboring priest, by whose direction in subordination to the Bishop he shall in all things be governed.

Section 5.

The Letters Dirnissory of a deacon desiring to be transferred from one diocese to another shall state the exact standing of the deacon in regard to examinations passed or dispensations received; also the dates of his birth, admission as a candidate, and ordination.