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Canon 29 Of Offenses

Section 1.
A bishop, priest or deacon of this Church shall be liable to Presentment and trial for the following offenses, viz.:

  1. Crime or immorality;
  2. Holding or teaching publicly or privately and advisedly, any doctrine contrary to that held by this Church;
  3. Violation of the Canons or the Constitution of this Church;
  4. Violation of the Constitution or Canons of the diocese to which he belongs;
  5. Any act which involves a violation of his ordination vows;
  6. Habitual neglect of public worship, and the Holy Communion, according to the order and use of this Church;
  7. Conduct unbecoming a clergyman.

Section 2.
In the case of a bishop, priest, or deacon convicted in a secular court of any crime or misdemeanor involving immorality, it shall be the duty of the Presiding Bishop, if there be one, otherwise the Council of Bishops in the case of a bishop, and in the case of a priest or deacon, or the Bishop of the diocese in which he is canonically resident, to institute an inquiry into the matter, and if there is sufficient reason for further proceeding, to present him for trial.

Section 3.
No presentment shall be made or conviction had for any offense, unless the offense shall have been committed within five years immediately preceding the time of the presentment, except that in the case of a conviction in a court of record exercising criminal jurisdiction as aforesaid, a presentment may be made at any time within one year after such conviction notwithstanding that five years may have elapsed since the commission of the offense.

Section 4.
The mode of presentment of a priest or deacon shall be that provided by the canons of the diocese wherein the accused is canonically resident.