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Canon 33 Of Renunciation of the Ministry

Section 1.

If any clergyman of this church not under presentment shall declare, in writing, to the Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese in which he is canonically resident, his renunciation from the ministry of this Church, it shall be the duty of the Ecclesiastical Authority to record the declaration and request so made. The Bishop, being satisfied that the person so declaring is not amenable for any canonical offense, and that his renunciation is not occasioned by misconduct or irregularity, but is voluntary and for causes which do not affect his moral character, shall defer formal action upon the declaration for two months, and meanwhile shall lay the matter before the clerical members of the Council of Advice and with their advice and consent be may pronounce that such renunciation is accepted and that the clergyman is released from the obligations of the Ministerial Office, and that he is deprived of the right to exercise the gifts and spiritual authority as a Minister of God's Word and Sacraments conferred on him by his ordination. The Bishop's declaration shall state that the renunciation was for causes which do not affect the mans moral character, and shall, if desired, give a certificate to this effect to the person so removed from the ministry. In all other cases of renunciation of the ministry, where there may be a question of misconduct or irregularity, the Bishop shall not pronounce sentence of suspension save with the consent of' the Council of Advice. The Bishop shall give due notice of every such removal or suspension from the ministry in the form in which the same is recorded.

Section 2.

If a clergyman making the aforesaid declaration of renunciation of his ministry be under presentment for any canonical offense, or if he shall have been placed on trial for the same, the Ecclesiastical Authority to whom such declaration is made, shall not consider or act upon such declaration until after the said presentment shall have been dismissed, or the said trial shall have been concluded and sentence, if any, pronounced. If the Ecclesiastical Authority to whom such declaration is made shall have ground to suppose that the person making the same is liable to presentment for any canonical offense, such person may, in the discretion of the said Ecclesiastical Authority, be placed upon trial for such offense, notwithstanding such declaration of renunciation of the ministry.

Section 3.

A Bishop may avail himself of the provision in Canon 33, Section 1 in which case the action therein specified shall be taken by the Council of Bishops.