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Canon 36 Of Enactment, Amendment, and Repeal

Section 1.

No new canon shall be enacted, or existing canon be amended or repealed, except by the General Synod by a majority vote in each order.

Section 2.

Whenever a canon which repealed another canon, or part thereof, shall itself be repealed, such previous canon or part thereof shall not thereby be revived or re-enacted, without express words to that effect.

Section 3.

The following form shall be used in all cases of enactment or amendment to existing canons: "Canon. (or Section...or Clause...,of Section..., of Canon...) is hereby amended to read as follows: (Here insert the new reading). And in the event of insertion of a new canon, or of a new section, or clause, in a canon, or of the repeal of an existing canon, or of a section or clause, the numbering of the canons or divisions of a canon which follow shall be changed accordingly.

Section 4.

These canons, as well as amendments to these canons, upon adoption, shall become effective as of the next following First Sunday of Advent or as otherwise provided by the adopting General Synod.